Board Certification

  • Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner


Graduate School

State University of New York; University at Buffalo


Molly Garges is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health with a history of compassionate delivery of healthcare for nearly twenty years. Ms. Garges is a former Army Officer and remains dedicated to country as a military spouse. Growing up on the West Coast, stationed in Hawaii as an Army Nurse, completing graduate school in New York, and overall seeking out every opportunity to participate in foreign and domestic travel has afforded a sincere appreciation for culture and perspective knowing this contributes greatly to overall priorities of wellness and health.

Molly has worked in a variety of public and private healthcare settings and continues to pursue an additional graduate degree and multiple certification trainings. Ms. Garges is a mother, avid runner, and burgeoning triathlete. Molly believes wholeheartedly that each woman deserves an active role in establishing wellness goals and the plan of care to achieve her optimal health.

Please know that Molly appreciates the unique demands placed on women across the lifespan. She looks forward to establishing a trusting relationship with sincere dedication to collaboratively engaging in achieving patient goals.